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    “Almost” is Not in Our Dictionary


    “Chabuduo” (=almost) is one of the most common misunderstandings between Chinese and Western people. For many Chinese “chabuduo” means a perfect result while Westerners often think differently.
    What may be considered a great event or clever design in most countries will not necessarily produce the same result in China. Whenever you need advice or professional support – be it creating and realizing events, maintaining media relations, holding exhibitions and seminars, designing printed materials or Web sites etc – you can comfortably rely on our ample experiences in China our planning, and our execution.
    We can help you with highly professional services in:


    • Evaluating and developing marketing and communications strategies and plans
    • Event planning and management
    • Tradeshow participation support
    • Branding / Positioning
    • Media analysis
    • Creation of communications tools such as presentations, brochures, flyers
    • Recommendation and handling of sub-agencies